domingo, 28 de septiembre de 2014

Solidarity Week

In this week children gave donations for the most needy. They came to classes wearing fashion clothes and football t- shirt.

Thank you very much for your help kids!

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Means of Communication

In Social Studies class, puppils have learnt about the importance of these communication devices. Kids learnt that communication means sending or receiving message from one to other.

Here is the vocabulary to practice at home.

Story Time: "The Pancake"

In English class we read the story "The Pancake". In this story dad teaches how to make delicious pancakes for a pancake race...

Do you remember the ingredients we used to make pancakes at school?
Remember the story and answer!

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domingo, 7 de septiembre de 2014

Spring Festival!!

Spring is coming!!! Last week  there was a Spring Festival Contest.
My kids participated in an English song, Spring drawing and decorating numbers.
We won in English song and in drawing contest!! 
Children sang the song "I Like Food". They made an awesome presentation.
Our dear Vicente Noe was the winner in drawing contest. Great work kids!!! Congratulations!!!
They also enjoyed playing some games.
Here are some photos. Hope you like it.

First Place

Third Place

First Place: Vicente Noe 

The Spring

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The Fruits

In Science class, pupils have learnt about fruits. They learnt about the importance of these foods. They learnt that fruits play an important role in keeping the body healthy. Fruits contain many vitamins and nutrients for their growth.

To improve their knowledge about this topic, we prepared a delicious Fruit Salad. Each one of them brought some fruits, cereals or yogurt.

Here are the vocabulary to practice at home.

Here are some photos. Hope you like it.

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Song: "It's a dog"

In English class children learnt a new song called "It's a dog". Here they learnt to identify different animal sounds. Children enjoyed singing this song a lot.
Then they elaborated a dog puppet with a sock and decorated it with different materials.

Here is the song to sing with your kids.


Here are some photos. Enjoy them.

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sábado, 6 de septiembre de 2014

The Traffic Light

In Science class children learnt about the Traffic Light and the meaning of the red, yellow and green lights. For this class each child brought a car that they elaborated with recyclable materials at home.
They enjoyed this class so much. They were very excited using their cars.

Here are some photos. Enjoy them.

Driving a car! on PhotoPeach