domingo, 24 de agosto de 2014

Happy Children’s Day!

On Friday 22nd  we celebrated Children’s Day at school. Teachers prepared different activities for their children. In this day my dear bunnies had a great day! They enjoyed a theater show, played different games and ate a delicious pizza.

                             ❤♫❤♫❤ CHEERS FOR CHILDREN....... ♫❤♫❤

Children's Day!! on PhotoPeach

Means of Transportation

In Social Studies class, pupils have learnt about all the means of transportation that go by land, sea and air.
Here is the vocabulary to practice at home.


In Maths class pupils learnt new prepositions.
Here they are to practice at home.

The carrot is ON the chair.
The apple is IN the box.
The pumpkin is UNDER the bench.

Story Time: Who is it?

This time Kipper and his family have fun making shadows through a tent. Do you remember who the last character is?
Have you ever made funny shadows? 

Here is the story to enjoy at home.

Children also learnt a new song. Here is the song!


They made some shadows. Here are some pictures.

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miércoles, 20 de agosto de 2014

Parts of the Plants

This week in science class children learnt to identify the parts of the plants. They solved a puzzle of a flower and named its parts.

Here is the vocabulary to practice at home.


Story Time: "A Good Trick"

This week we read the story "A Good Trick". This time Biff and Chip had fun performing a magic show!

Do you remember the objects they used to do it? Who was inside the little box?

Great job Bunnies!

Here is the story.

Children dramatized the story. Then they pretended to be magicians they elaborated a magician hat and a wand.

Here are some pictures!

We are Magicians! on PhotoPeach


                    What colours are the Magician Hats?


Planting a seed! (Germination)

In Science class, my dear bunnies learnt about the process of seed germination. They were very excited planting their seeds. Every day they take care of their plant pouring water. They want to see their plants grow soon.

Here are some photos. Enjoy them.

Planting a Seed! on PhotoPeach

In a circle time we also talked about some fruits and their colours. Through a new song children learnt to recognise and name some fruits. They enjoyed the song.

Here is the song to sing with your kids at home.


Story Time: The Apple!

In English class children enjoyed a new Robinson’s Family story. This time all the family went to the field to pick up apples. Dad tried to reach an apple using a long stick.

Do you remember what happen then? What did Floppy make at the end of the story?

Here is the story to enjoy at home.