domingo, 29 de junio de 2014

Story Time: "The Big Box"

This week we read the story "The Big Box". In this story Kipper, Biff, Chip and Mum turn a big box into a house. The kids were very excited to see a big box .Do you remember what happened in all the story?

Children also learnt a new song called "Jack in the Box" They really enjoyed singing this song. With this song they learnt new vocabulary.

Here are some pictures and the song to practice at home the vocabulary.


They also learnt the prepositions IN and OUT

Finally they elaborated the character of the song called "Jack"

sábado, 28 de junio de 2014

Exposiciones "Mi Animal Favorito"

Esta semana en el curso de español mis pequeños Bunnies continuaron con sus exposiciones sobre su animal favorito. En está oportunidad le tocó exponer a Lara, Joaquín, Vicente, Almendra y Adrián A. ¡Muy buen trabajo chicos! :)

Aquí comparto con ustedes el video y algunas fotos. Disfrútenlo.

 Mi Animal Favorito on PhotoPeach

sábado, 21 de junio de 2014

Story Time: "The Lost Teddy"

This week the Bunnies enjoyed the story "The Lost Teddy".
This time Kipper went out with mum, but something unexpected happened...he forgot his Teddy bear, do you remember where?

Great English class Bunnies, good job!

Here is the story to enjoy it at home.

In this class, they also learnt a new song called "The Wheels on the bus". They enjoyed singing this new song.

Here is the song to sing with your kids at home :)


Here is the vocabulary


Children enjoyed elaborating a bus and a Teddy bear using different materials.

The Community Helpers

In Social Studies class the children have learnt about The Community Helpers.We talked about all the different professions and what is the job of each one.

Here is the vocabulary to practice at home.

Exposiciones: "Mi Animal Favorito"

Esta semana en el curso de español mis pequeños Bunnies continuaron con sus exposiciones sobre su animal favorito. Esta vez le tocó exponer a Daniela, Sebastián, Adrián L., Priscilla, Alessandra y Diego. ¡Hicieron un excelente trabajo chicos! :)

Aquí el video y algunas fotos. Disfrútenlo.


Mi Animal Favorita on PhotoPeach    

domingo, 15 de junio de 2014

Daddy, Daddy You Are the Best !!

On friday 13th we celebrated Father's Day with an special show about the World Cup. My little kids represented the country of Costa Rica. They danced and made a nice cheer for Dad.
They also elaborated some beautiful presents.

Congratulations my little bunnies! You made an amazing presentation! :)

Happy Father's Day to all Daddies Bunnies!!
I wish all of you to have a beautiful day with your kids.

            HAPPY FATHER'S DAY!!


Exposiciones "Mi Animal Favorito"

La semana pasada en el curso de español mis pequeños Gabriela, Noah, Flavia y Jorge hicieron una linda exposición sobre su animal favorito. Presentaron unas lindas pancartas y trajeron recuerditos para compartir con sus compañeros.

¡Excelente trabajo chicos! :)

Aquí les muestro unas fotos y el video. Disfrútenlo



viernes, 6 de junio de 2014

Story Time: "The Street Fair"

Hello everybody,

This week we read the story "The Street Fair"
This time dad and the twins, Chip and Biff, went to a Street Fair. They had an amazing day together. Do you remember what they did in the fair? How about Mom, Kipper and Floppy, how did they feel when dad, Chip and Biff returned home? How was the end of the story?

In class, my Bunnies were really excited about having their faces painted.

Happy Assistant Day Miss Cecilia!!

On June 6th we celebrate the assistant day. In this day we shared a nice day with Miss Cecilia! Children and I made a beautiful card and gave it to her with a warm hug.


Big and Small

Children learnt to identify big and small animals, objects etc. They classified them according to their size. Also they learnt and sang a nice song.

Here is the song to practice at home. Enjoy it!


Canción: "Michu Michu"

Esta canción nos cuenta sobre un lindo gatito llamado Michu Michu quien vive dentro de un zapato.
Los chicos disfrutaron mucho cantando está canción.


Cuento: "La Misteriosa Gota de Agua"

En clase de español los chicos escucharon una interesante historia con la cual aprendieron lo que es un Eclipse.
Aquí está el cuento para que lo puedan disfrutar en casa.


Story Time: "The Hedgehog"

Hi everybody,

This week we read the story "Hedgehog". In this story Floppy and Biff were playing in the garden. Suddenly Floppy found a weird ball. Biff looked at it carefully and said “ Oh, It is a hedgehog!”

Do you remember what happened at the end of the story?

Children learnt about the hedgehog and elaborate a cute hedgehog. They enjoyed this activity very much!!

Here are some pictures. Enjoy them!
My Little Hedgehog on PhotoPeach

This is the song that children learnt and sang in this week.


Happy Early Childhood Education Day!

As children are our country´s future, Early Childhood Education is designed to prepare students to enter a number of fields related to the social, emotional, physical and intellectual care and guidance of children.

On May 25th we celebrated this special date with a sport day where the kids had a lot of fun.
Our school surprised us with an unforgettable day in which we shared an exciting time with all early years’ grades. We got all together in the school field to sing, cheer and play.

They also saw, listened and enjoyed a nice story that teachers dramatized.
We ended our special day sharing delicious snacks we brought from home.
My dear bunnies enjoyed it a lot!

Here are some pictures. Hope you enjoy them!

Early Childhood Education Day on PhotoPeach

Canción: "Soy Una Taza"

Esta canción les encanto mucho a mis queridos Bunnies. Disfrutaron bailando e imitando los movimientos de esta canción.

Disfrútenla cantando y bailando con sus pequeños en casa.