domingo, 20 de abril de 2014

Story Time "The Library"

In this story Kipper and Dad went to the library. Kipper was very excited to go there. He really enjoyed to read different books. Do you remember what happen at the end of the story?
Here children learnt about how to take care of books and how we should behave in the library.
They enjoyed reading some books in the library.

Here are some photos. Enjoy them

 Library Time on PhotoPeach


Project "The Lunchbox Time"

In this project  we talked about the food that children bring in their lunchboxes. They learnt to identify healthy and unhealthy food.  In this class children decorated different kind of food using different materials and techniques.  Then they classify them. They really enjoyed it!

Here are some photos. Hope you enjoy them.

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Story "The Haircut"

Another story that children listened was “The Haircut”. 

This time Kipper had problems combing his hair because it was long. So Dad and Kipper decided to go to the hair salon. Do you remember what happened after going to the hair salon?  Did you like this story?

With this story children learned about long and short.

Great job Bunnies!

miércoles, 2 de abril de 2014

Story "At School"

Hello everyone,
Every week Bunnies will listen to different stories regarding Kipper and his family.
Our first story was "At School".
In this story Kipper is a little nervous about his first day at playschool. In class we have read the story together and learnt about some school objects.
We also remembered our first day at school and answered some questions...

Here is the vocabulary that the children learnt about the school objects.
You can practice them at home.

Miss Charito

Story "Getting Up"

Last week we read the story "Getting Up".

In this story Kipper and his family are celebrating a special day. It's dad's birthday!
In class we have read the story together and learnt about the things we do in the morning after getting up. 

Great job Bunnies!

Our First Weeks at School

Hello everybody!
I'm so happy to spend  these wonderful days with my lovely bunnies.
They have been learning many interesting things and shared wonderful moments together.
On our first week, we had so much fun getting to know each other, sharing different activities and learning new songs in our classroom. Also, we shared funny computer programs in our Computing Class, we danced and sang in our Music Class, we did different kinds of exercises in our Physical Education Class and we had a pleasant time in our Drama Class. We also had a lot of fun in our Art classes.
My kids were so happy and enjoyed a lot all these activities.
I hope you enjoy this year as much as I will.

Here are some photos. Enjoy them :)
See you soon!
Miss Charito

Nursery Bunnies on PhotoPeach

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Story "The Lost Gloves"

In this story Kipper is ready to go home. But he realizes that he didn´t have his gloves. He lost his gloves!  At the end of the story he found his gloves inside his sneakers.

In this class, children learnt   to identify and name the part of the body.
Here is the vocabulary to practice at home. And some pictures.
Enjoy it!
Miss Charito


      Body Parts on PhotoPeach Body Parts on PhotoPeach