domingo, 20 de octubre de 2013

Opposite Adjectives

In our English class, we learnt new vocabulary. This time my children learnt about "Opposite Adjectives".
They listened a short story about monsters. Each monster had its opposite.

Here is the vocabulary of opposite adjectives to practice at home.

Welcome Back !!!

On Monday 14th we began a new term; our fourth term. I was happy and excited to see you all again. I had the opportunity to see your photos of your holidays. I saw that you enjoyed your holidays with your family and friends and have taken advantage of the days off to reload your batteries. Now you are ready to learn new things and star new adventures at school. I´m so happy of being together again.

Here are some pictures when I heard about your holidays.

Uma en Paracas

Valentina en el circo.

Rohan en la granja.

Valeria en los juegos mecánicos. 

Nicolás paseando en cuatrimoto en Lunahuana.

Luciano en el teatro

Ainhoa en el circo con Valentina.

Rafaela jugando con Ainhoa a las princesas.

Tadeo disfrutando del mar en la playa Los Órganos - Piura
Abraham montando caballo en un club

miércoles, 9 de octubre de 2013

I am a Super Hero

In our English class, my ducklings listened a story called "Super Hero". With this story they have learnt a new vocabulary. To make the story more real and exciting, children came to class wearing a costume of their favourite super hero. They elaborated their costume using recyclable materials. All of them dressed very creative costumes. It was a fantastic class!!

Thanks parents for all your support :)

Here are some photos. Enjoy them.

"Super Heroe" on PhotoPeach


Here is the vocabulary to practice at home.

Do you like Broccoli Ice Cream ?


One , Two Buckle My Shoe


Spring Festival

Spring is here!!! Last month my kids participated in a Spring contest. It was about a Spring drawing and any English song. My kids were rehearsing for two weeks. They made an awesome presentation. Great work kids!!!

Here are their drawings.

"Spring Festival" on PhotoPeach

Here are the winners in drawing

                                        First Place: Rafaela Agusti. 
                                                  Congratulations Rafaela!!

Second Place: Abraham Reynaga.

Congratulations Abraham!!