viernes, 16 de agosto de 2013

"La Ranita y La Gran Hoja"

En el curso de español mis niños escucharon el cuento de la Ranita Luciana. Este cuento les dejó una gran moraleja que es saber compartir con nuestros hermanos y amigos.

Disfruten el cuento.


Story: "The Three Little Pigs"

In this week my children listened to the story of The Three Little Pigs. With this story they learnt more English vocabulary.

Here is the vocabulary to practice at home.

                                   The Three Little Pigs and The Wolf

                                                     Houses of The Pigs

Song: "The Wheels on the bus"

My dear ducklings have learned a new vocabulary through this song. They sang the song as if they were in a bus. They really enjoyed it very much.

Here is the song and the vocabulary to practice at home. 


Song: "Knock Knock Hello"

Hi everybody,

This week my kids learnt a new song called "Knock Knock Hello". They enjoyed singing and dancing. They like this song very much.

Here is the song.


viernes, 9 de agosto de 2013

The plants

We also have learned about Plants. As you know plants are living things. There are different kinds of plants on Earth. Plants are very important  in our life because they are source of food and produce almost all of the oxygen in the air that human and animals breathe.
Here are the parts of a plant.

Let´s help our kids to practice at home.


Song: "The Eensey Weensey Spider"

This week kids learnt a new song called "The Eensey Weensey Spider" . They really enjoyed so much singing and making all the gestures of this song. They also elaborated their own spider.

Here is the song to practice at home.


My Holidays!

Hello everybody,

After a long holidays. My lovely ducklings came back to school very happy. Each of them told me what they had done on their holidays.
Here are their drawings.

My Holidays! on PhotoPeach


domingo, 4 de agosto de 2013

Welcome Back !

Hello my dear Ducklings!

I hope you have enjoyed your holidays! I'm so glad to start a new term with you. We are going to have fun together learning new things that I'm sure you will like.
I can't wait to see you tomorrow and give you a warm hug!

See you.

Miss Charito