domingo, 18 de noviembre de 2012

Star Students of the Week!

Hello everybody,

For this week I have chosen 2 Star Students!! The star students are..... Santiago and Valeria!!
Congratulations guys!! Both are good students.
Santiago your effort during these days was excellent,Your participation and behavior in classes are very nice.
Valeria your work in class and your behavior  were excellent.You demostrated your best during each class.
Both put all their effort. I´m very proud of you.
Keep on working like that!  

Who will be the next star students?

Last week the new Star Student was Adriana! Congratulations Adriana! You are a good student and a good friend. You demostrated your effort during the classes. Also, your behavior is excellent. 
Continue doing the best of you.

Miss Charito

♫ Happy Birthday Fiorela ! ♫

We also celebrated Fiorela´s birthday on November 9th. Fiorela was excited to celebrate her birthday with all her friends. Kids enjoyed a pleasant moment eating cake and some snacks.

Here you can see some photos.

Fiorela's Birthday on PhotoPeach


♫ Happy Birthday Micaela ! ♫

On November 8th we celebrated Micaela´s birthday. Micaela was very happy to share this special day with all her friends. We sang Happy birthday song and shared some delicious snacks and cake.
Kids were very happy!

Here are some photos. Enjoy them.

Micaela's Birthday on PhotoPeach


Some activities

Hello everybody,

I would like to share with you some photos about the activities that my children do in class.
Enjoy them.

Ducklings Class on PhotoPeach


domingo, 4 de noviembre de 2012

The Star Student of the Week!

The Star Student of this week is.... Jorge Germán ! Congratulations JG!! You are a good student and a good friend. You always help your frinds when they need it. Your work and your behavior are really nice. Continue doing the best of you.

Remember everybody, continue with your effort and maybe you could be the next star student for the next week. Don´t give up

My Identity Document

Hello everybody

Last week my children learnt about the Identification Document. They realized about the importance of this document.
They learnt that the identity document is also called ID. It provides identity and it is very important when you visit friends or family overseas. They also learnt that when they will be bigger , they will also need the ID for giving their vote in the presidential and municipal elections.

In order to children have an idea about elections. They gave their vote to choose between to have a picnic or watch a movie. Each of them gave their vote and the activity that had more votes was "The picnic".

Here are some photos. Enjoy them.

Miss Charito

My ID !! on PhotoPeach



Día de la Canción Criolla !!

El 31 de Octubre celebramos con mucho orgullo como peruanos que somos el " Día de la Canción Criolla". Todo el nivel de Early Years preparamos una linda actuación haciendo gala a este esplendoroso día con diferentes bailes.

Mis queridos ducklings deleitaron al público presente bailando un lindo festejo. Estuvieron super emocionados con su presentación la cual salió excelente. Estoy super orgullosa de mis pequeñitos  !!

Quisiera compartir con ustedes algunas fotos de la actuación. Disfrútenlas.
Pronto publicaré el video.
Hasta la próxima  :)


Xiomi ´s Birthday

On October 24th we celebrated Xiomis´s birthday. Xiomi was so excited to share a wonderful time with all her friends. We sang Happy Birthday song and shared some delicious snacks and cake.
My kids were very happy!

Happy Birthday Xiomi!! on PhotoPeach