domingo, 23 de septiembre de 2012

Star Student of the Week !!

Congratulations Alessia!! You are the new Star Student of the week.
You are an excellent student!! Your work is amazing. I´m very proud of you.

Remember everybody to do your best during this week and maybe you will be the next Star Student of the week.

See you.


Preparing a Delicious Fruit Salad !!

Last Thursday my children prepared a delicious fruit salad. To prepare this salad we used strawberries, bananas, peaches, pineapple, apples, papaya and grapes. Then, to make it more delicious we added cereals, sweet milk and yogurt.

We spent a great moment learning and eating our delicious salad!!

Here are some photos.

Enjoy it.

 A Delicious Salad !! on PhotoPeach


Mi Juguete Favorito 2

Queridos Papitos:
La semana pasada mis queridos Ducklings continuaron con las exposiciones de su Juguete Favorito.
Esta vez expusieron Santiago, Joaquín, Valeria y Massimo. Cada uno de ellos nos contó sobre su juguete y las experiencias vividas con su juguete.
Felicitaciones chicos hicieron un buen trabajo!!

Quiero compartir con Uds. el video de sus exposiciones.



Fruits and Vegetables

Last week we have learnt about fruits and vegetables. My sweet ducklings realized how important is to eat fruits and vegetables everyday. They know that are good for our health.
We learnt the vocabulary playing with some pictures. Also, they drew their favorite fruits.

I would like to share with you the new vocabulary in order to practice at home.


domingo, 16 de septiembre de 2012

Mi Juguete Favorito 1

La semana pasada en el curso de Español mis queridos Ducklings han empezado a exponer sobre su juguete favorito. Cada uno de ellos presentó sus afiches, su juguete favorito y algunos recuerdos para compartir con sus compañeros. Sus exposiciones estuvieron excelentes.
Me siento muy orgullosa de mis pequeñitos.
Felicitaciones mis queridos Ducklings!!

Esta semana veremos nuevas exposiciones.

Quiero compartir con ustedes las exposiciones y algunas fotos.


Miss Charito

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Star Student of the Week !

The Star Student of the week is...... Alvaro!! Congratulations Alvaro!!
You are an excellent student! Your work and your behavior are excellent.
You are a good boy and a good friend. Continue with your effort!

Next friday I'm going to choose the new Star Student.

See you soon.

Solidarity Week

Last week my lovely ducklings were very excited because they came to classes wearing costumes.
They collaborated and participated with the activity that performed CAS to help people with low economic resources.

Thank very much for your help.

Solidarity Week on PhotoPeach


Means of Communication

One of the new things we have learnt last week was The Means of Communication.
My dear ducklings learnt the importance of these means. They have already known that communication means sending information from one person to another.
They wrote a letter to their mother, father or grandparents. They were very excited by the letter.
I hope you have enjoyed the letter that they made with love.

Here is the vocabulary to practice at home.

sábado, 8 de septiembre de 2012

Star Student of the Week

Congratulations dear Nicoletta!! You are the Star Student of the week. Your work is really nice and your behavior is excellent. You are a good student and a good friend!
Continue with your excellent behavior and effort.

Dear Ducklings don't forget to continue doing your best and maybe you could be the next Star Student of the week.

•*¨`*•..¸♥☼♥ Congratulations Nicoletta ♥☼♥¸.•*¨`*•.

♫ Musical Instruments ♫

Dear Ducklings as you know, this week we have also learnt a new vocabulary. This time we learnt Musical instruments.
We enjoyed doing the sounds of the instruments, identified the sounds of each one and learnt a new song.
I would like to share with you the vocabulary to practice at home.


Seed Germination

This week we have been working on Germination Process.
Each child planted a seed in a glass. First they put some seeds in a piece of cotton. Then they put them inside a glass and finally they poured water.
Making this Science project has help children to learn more about plants and their growing process.
They know that all plants need soil, water, sun and air to grow.

My kids are so excited to see how a plant grow.

Next week we'll see how much they have grown.


Miss Charito

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Happy Birthday Sophia!

Last week we celebrated Sophia´s birthday. Shopia was very happy to share a wonderful time with all her friends. We sang Happy Birthday song and shared some delicious snacks and cake.
My kids were very happy!

 Happy Birthday Sophia! on PhotoPeach


In July we also celebrated Santiago's Birthday and Valerias´s Birthday. They had a wonderful day with their friends. Children enjoyed a pleasant moment eating cake and some snacks.
They were really excited and happy.

Here you can see some photos from those days.

Happy Birthday Valeria! on PhotoPeach


Happy Birthday Santiago! on PhotoPeach


sábado, 1 de septiembre de 2012

Up and Down

Last week we also learnt Up and Down. We played with some activities and we were learning a new song.
Here is the song. Enjoy it!


Long and Short

Last week we learnt the Long and Short adjectives. We enjoyed learning with different activities.
We made the differences between them using different objects, different parts of our bodies , traced different roads on the floor and played in the playground with long and short colored ribbons.

I would like to share some pictures with all of you. Try to practice at home using different objects.

Learning Long and Short on PhotoPeach


❤ Children's Day ❤

On August 23rd we went to Divercity to celebrate Children´s Day.
In this city there are many places where children can play.We ate delicious nuggets, French fries and soda.We really spent a wonderful time together.
I love you my sweet ducklings ❤ !!

Here you can see some photos from that day!

Children´s Day in Divercity on PhotoPeach