domingo, 26 de agosto de 2012

Star Student !!

The Star Student of last week was Fernando!! You were the best student during the week because you did your best all the time. Continue with your good behavior and  your effort.

Next week I am going to choose another Star Student. Do your best my dear ducklings ! You can do it!

Congratulations Fernando!

Number Four

Hello dear Ducklings,

This week we have learnt more about numbers. We enjoyed doing different activities with number four.
Also we practiced how to write this number .
I would like to share with you this picture to practice counting and how to trace the number four.


Miss Charito

The Plants

Dear Ducklings

This week we learned about Plants. As you know plants are living things. There are different kinds of plants on Earth. Plants are very important  in our life because they are source of food and produce almost all of the oxygen in the air that human and animals breathe.
Here I am going to show the parts of a plant and What they need to grow and to stay alive.

Let´s help our kids to practice.

What does a plant need to grow?






Means of Transportation

Last week we have learned different means of transportation. We practiced and played with defferent activities. We classified the means that go by land, by sea and by air.
Also, we enjoyed doing the sounds of means of transportation and learned a new song.
Here I would like to share with all of you these pictures to practice the vocabulary at home.

Enjoy it !






♫ The Wheels on the bus ♫

Means of Transportation on PhotoPeach   

viernes, 3 de agosto de 2012

Welcome back Ducklings!

Dear Ducklings:
I'm really excited to see you all again. I really missed you all these weeks.
I hope you had wonderful holidays with your families and friends.
During this term we are going to have a lot of amazing experiences.Learning and having fun together.
See you next week!

Miss Charito

♫♫♫ Let´s sing together ♫♫♫

Here are some songs that we have learnt in our classes.
Enjoy them!

Hello ♫

Go away ♫

♫ 1,2,3,4 ..... ♫ (Numbers)

♫ Hokey Pokey ♫  (Parts of the body)

♫ Walking, hop, running ..... ♫ (Verbs)

Pinocchio ♫ ( In - Out)

Happy Early Childhood Education Day!

As children are our country´s future, Early Childhood Education is designed to prepare students to enter a number of fields related to the social, emotional, physical and intellectual care and guidance of children.

On May 25th we celebrated this special date with a gymkhana where the kids had a lot of fun.
Our school surprised us with an unforgettable day in which we shared an exciting time with all Early years grades. We got all together in the school field to sing, cheer, dance and play.
We ended our special day with a party, sharing delicious snacks we brought from home.

My dear ducklings enjoyed it a lot!

Happy Early Childhood Education Day! on PhotoPeach